Go Bird Training Programs

Currently at Go Bird Retrievers we are offering two training programs that specialize in preparing your dog for various hunt tests such as the AKC Hunt Test and UKC Hunt Test.

Basic Gundog Program

Duration: 12 - 16 weeks

This is our foundation program. Duration of the program may vary based on the dog’s ability to learn the concepts that are taught. We create a training plan based on the Client’s goals and the dog’s abilities. Here is an overview of what is taught:

  • Obedience: The dog is taught to sit, recall, and heel on both sides of the handler on and off leash.
  • Intro to Birds and Gunfire: We will gradually expose and condition your dog to gunfire and birds. The goal is to teach your dog to look for a bird when you fire your shotgun
  • E-Collar Conditioning: This is an extension of obedience training. The collar is used to reinforce commands that the dog already knows on a leash and off. This also is an effective tool for field training.
  • Fetch Conditioning: This process teaches your dog to pick up and hold a bird. When this training is completed your dog will deliver the bird to your hand.
  • Intro to Marks on Land & Water

Transition Training

Duration: 12 - 16 weeks

This program is for those wishing to have a handling dog that can be directed to a bird with the use of the whistle and hand signals. Also known as a blind retrieve. This is taught on land and water. Multiple marking is taught here as well. Here is an overview of what is taught:

  • Force to Pile
  • T Drill
  • Swim By
  • Casting
  • Pattern Blinds
  • Basic Cold Blinds
  • Lining
  • Casting
  • Cover Drills