The Go Bird Philosophy

The key to creating a successful gundog or competition dog is establishing a solid foundation in obedience and basic marks. We believe in creating solid gundogs by teaching and maintaining high standards of obedience and performance. Establishing the foundation allows the dog to move forward to more advanced handling skills. We understand that each dog has individual traits so we modify the training to bring them to their highest potential. We also understand that these dogs are not just dogs to be trained, but are family members of the clients that we serve. We have a passion for dog training and bringing out the natural abilities of retrievers is our number one goal. As we train your dog, we will also help you develop teamwork skills with your four-legged companion and hunting partner.

The Go Bird Staff

John Haugland

Owner / Operator

Bob Vorwerk, Jr.

Owner / Trainer

The Go Bird Training Facility & Grounds

At Go Bird Retrievers, the grounds your dog trains on and the facilities that houses them are just as important to us as the techniques and methods we use to train them. Our headquarters is located on a beautiful wooded 40-acre property that includes prairie and marsh land vegetation, and three large ponds in between the towns of Stacy and Linwood Minnesota.

This allows us to train your dog to:

  • Launch / Retrieve from a dock
  • Hunt / Retrieve from a boat
  • Hunt marsh & cattail cover where crippled birds might hide
  • Hunt / Retrieve from ground blinds

In November 2019, we completed the construction of our new 70' x 30' heated and cooled kennel facility with state of the art smoke sensors, heat sensors, and strobe lights with audible sirens inside and outside to ensure your dog's safety.